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family | simplicity | nature ✨🌿🤍

Reflecting on the last 10 months of motherhood, there has never been a time where I’ve been so aware of how fleeting each moment is. It seems as if our son, Johnny, is growing and changing each time we blink. I’ve never felt more grounded and present in each moment. My mission with Buckingham Avenue has always been to encourage others to slow down and enjoy the moment. When someone starts an entrepreneurial journey, service, or project, I often feel like they are serving others in a way that they need to be served. In this busy life, I am constantly needing to stop and savor the little things around me, which is why I was drawn to starting Buckingham Avenue in the first place.


If you’ve been around here for a while, you may have noticed that we’ve attended less events lately and our inventory has remained lower, with a focus on small batches of hand poured candles. While our presence may have decreased from a marketing perspective, my hope is that all our customers, friends, and neighbors who have supported us over the years are leaning into our mission stronger than ever. Whether you’re lighting one of our hand poured soy candles or simply stepping outside to enjoy the fresh air, my hope is that you are savoring this precious moment.



Becca at Buckingham Avenue

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